Test Servers
Game Location IP
Texas BF364.31.61.198:25200
NYC BF369.28.210.50:25200
California BF3100.42.211.232:25200
Chicago BF3107.6.128.47:25200
Miami BF369.172.194.108:25200
Atlanta BF369.61.27.26:25200
Frankfurt BF378.138.102.22:25200
Seatle BF367.228.101.37:25200
London BF394.76.222.38:25200
Customer Reviews
  • JamesP.


    Along the way of beginning a new clan you must get a server. LeetServers has helped us get a server for cheap and reliable playing. When we have problems they are there 24/7! Thank You for the service and keep it up!!!
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